Estrategias de refrigerios inteligentes para pequeños atletas

Refrigerios energizantes para jóvenes atletas

Por: Laura Ali, MS, RDN, LDN

The shrill blare of a ref’s whistle, the “crack” of a baseball bat or the “ping” of a tennis racket – ah, the sounds of spring! Kid’s activities are great fun and you love the exercise they get, so keeping them energized is important. Prueba estos consejos para darle a tu niño la energía extra que necesitan para desempeñarse al máximo.

Combos creativos: Los carbohidratos complejos se descomponen lentamente y, cuando los combinas con proteína, ¡son un excelente refrigerio lleno de energía!

  • Pack small bags of dry cereal, dried fruit and nuts for a quick snack on the way to practice.

  • Blend fruit with Greek yogurt and freeze it in small fruit pops that you can grab as you leave the house.A nice, healthy cool treat for a hot day!

  • Peanut butter smeared on celery or apples is a great energy boosting snack before or after the game.

  • Individual hummus packs with pretzels can be something to snack on in the car on the way to a game

  • Single serve pouches of tuna or salmon can be wrapped in a tortilla, and are perfect snacks for your kids or you as you sit and watch their game.Try Tuna Creations BOLD Hot Buffalo Style or Tuna Creations Ranch for a fun treat that will keep you going!

Snack Smart – A study published in the Health Affairs Journal in 2010, found that snacks accounted for 27% of a child’s calorie intake for a day. Nutrient dense snacks can provide nutrients kids might be missing through the day.

  • Snacks should be considered mini meals and be a blend of protein, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat.

  • 200 – 300 calories is about the right amount of calories for a snack for most kids.

  • Ideally, eating something small an hour or so before the activity is best so they have time to digest.

  • Occasional treats are okay –it is fine to celebrate a win or great day of play with a little treat.A small cupcake, trip to the ice cream parlor or team dinner at the end of the season adds to the fun.

Hydrate – don’t forget fluids! Kids lose fluids quickly when exercising and need to be rehydrated often.

  • Drink at least 4 – 8 oz. of water before exercising, 4 – 8 oz. more every 15 – 20 minutes of activity and 4 – 8 oz. more of fluid after the game or practice.

  • Freeze water bottles the night before a game and take them with you to practice.They will thaw slowly and stay cool for a refreshing drink in the afternoon.

  • Water is usually enough, but if your child has been running for more than an hour a diluted juice or some low fat milk can help them recover and give them a quick energy boost.