NUEVO Creations Microwavables™ Thai Green Curry Tuna

Creations Microwavables™ Thai Green Curry Tuna

If you love StarKist Creations®, you'll love our NEW StarKist Creations Microwavables™ — pouches filled with hearty grains, vegetables and delicious flavor varieties! The Thai Green Curry Tuna pouch features select cuts of our wild caught light tuna, combined with rice, green chilies, coconut milk and lemongrass. With 10g of lean protein, it's perfect for a snack, lunch or dinner, with all the flavor you could possibly crave. It's fully cooked and ready to enjoy. Try it unheated or heat for 30 seconds in our microwave-safe pouch.

Just tear, heat and go!™

*CAUTION: Microwave times may vary. Take care when handling and opening the heated pouch - there may be steam. Refrigerate any unused portion in a separate container. Do not heat pouch more than once. See back of pouch for heating instructions.

El empaque puede variar por nuestros esfuerzos continuos por innovar y mejorar.

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Características del producto:

  • Delicious wild caught tuna with grains and vegetables
  • Enjoy unheated or heated in our microwave-safe pouch
  • 160 Calories & 10g of Protein per single serve pouch
  • Soy Free & Good source of Fiber
  • Certificación Dolphin Safe

Información nutricional

Servings Per Container: 1
Creations Microwavables™ Thai Green Curry TunaServing Size: 1 pouch (128g)
Cantidad por porción% VD*
Grasas totales5 g6 %5 g
Grasas saturadas2 g10 %2 g
Grasas trans0 g0 g
Grasas poliinsaturadas1.5 g1.5 g
Grasas monoinsaturadas1 g
Colesterol15 mg5 %15 mg
Sodio620 mg27 %620 mg
Carbohidratos totales18 g6 %18 g
Fibra alimentaria4 g15 %
Azúcares totales3 g3 g
Incluye azúcares agregados2 g4 %
Proteína10 g16 %
Vitamina D0 mcg0 %
Calcio20 mg2 %
Hierro1 mg6 %
Potasio250 mg6 %
Niacina35 %
Vitamina B615 %
Vitamina B1240 %
Selenio60 %

*El % del valor diario indica la contribución del nutriente para la dieta diaria en una porción del alimento. Generalmente, se basan en una recomendación general de 2,000 calorías por día.